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Smiling kidPediatric Chiropractic in Hortonville

Creating Healthy Families Starts With Children

Pediatric chiropractic is all about giving little ones the chance to develop and function optimally. We believe that it’s important for kids to get off to a good start in navigating life by maximizing that function.

Research shows that 80% of all normal births include some damage to the upper neck of the baby. This often leads to torticollis, muscle spasms and a host of other issues. That’s why it’s vital to have children checked by an experienced chiropractor as soon after birth as possible. It’s also helpful for kids to have spinal check-ups as they reach milestones in their growth. A lot of common health problems can be avoided by taking this step.

Conditions That Respond Well

Our care is safe and gentle, and we’ve seen babies and children respond well to conditions such as

  • Colic
  • Constipation
  • Ear infections
  • Failure to thrive
  • Feeding difficulties
  • Headaches
  • Reflux
  • Seizures
  • Sleep difficulties
  • Sports injuries and falls

A Reliable Success Story

We see many infants with colic. Mothers enter our clinic holding an angry and screaming baby. They look exhausted. Despair is evident. Some of these little ones scream almost constantly. Moms secretly know that it’s difficult to form a close bond with a child that cries non-stop.

Most of the time these infants are suffering from spinal misalignment in key areas. Their reaction to a gentle adjustment is frequently a cessation of crying, a bowel movement and deep sleep. And Mom is introduced to a brand-new baby.

Oftentimes, parents are afraid to bring their newborn to a chiropractor because they fear the adjustment. We can assure you that our care is gentle, with no popping or twisting of the spine. We feature a specialized pediatric adjusting table and Dr. Rachael wears a pediatric headpiece around her neck to deliver gentle care to infants. The babies love it! So do moms and dads.

Bring Your Kids in Today

We can help with many childhood health issues. If you’re planning on bringing your baby in for chiropractic care, we ask that you do your best to make sure that the infant has been fed and the diaper has been changed. We know that’s not always possible, so just do your best. We look forward to welcoming you. Contact our family office today!

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